Are Peloton Bikes Loud? 4 Tips to Quiet it Down

Are you this close to buying a Peloton bike but are wondering about the noise? Whether or not Peloton bikes are loud is a common question, especially when you live in an apartment with wooden floors and don’t want to be known as ‘that’ noisy upstairs neighbor. So, are Peloton bikes loud, and if so, are there any tips for a quiet workout?

Peloton bikes are not loud. They are nearly silent as they have magnetic resistance. The chances of the flywheel making noise during a workout is slim to none. The only loud part about Peloton bikes is clipping in and out of the bike. If your Peloton bike is loud there may be some issues.

You have to be conscious of how loud workout equipment is as it can disturb either the other people adjacent to you or your next-door and downstairs neighbors. There are several ways to ensure a quiet workout without worrying about any noises.

Peloton Bikes And How Loud They Are

Peloton bikes are amazingly quiet. In fact, most people make more noise than the bike itself during a workout because of the huffing and puffing during the strenuous ride. Because Peloton bikes are magnetic resistance, there is barely any contact between any bike parts.

Therefore, the flywheel is not physically contacted as with friction resistance bikes that make a swishing sound when paddling. As a result, you can barely hear the wheel spinning. When pedaling while standing, usually called out of the saddle, you may find that your Peloton shoes will squeak a lot.

A decibel reading app is an excellent way to determine just how loud Peloton bikes are. When pedaling, Peloton bikes hardly make any noise at all. The noise spike comes when a person is clipping into and out of the Peloton bike. This is where Peloton bikes are loud. Another reason that a Peloton bike may be loud is if you have a wooden floor that creaks.

Technically, it isn’t the bike itself that is loud. The motion of the bike on the creaky wooden floor is loud. Another way that Peloton bikes can be considered loud is when the bike’s bearings need to be replaced. Although that can cause some noise, it doesn’t tend to be a big issue as it would barely disturb a neighbor or even another person in the same household.

Aside from the above, the only other loud noise would be the sound of the classes when the instructor is giving directions. If your bike starts making loud noises, you’ll know that something is seriously wrong as the bike is virtually silent.

What Are Some Tips For A Quiet Peloton Workout?

Although the Peloton bike is one of the quietest gym equipment out there, you may still want some tips to ensure that you have a quiet workout.

Get A Peloton Mat For A Quiet Workout.

One of the first things that most people do is get a Peloton mat. Although it’s mostly meant for the buckets of sweat the workout pulls from you, a thick mat is an excellent way to ensure that you have a quiet workout.

Peloton mats are one of the best ways to prevent the creaking of the floor as they absorb some of the vibrations and shaking created when paddling, especially out of the saddle paddling. These mats are fairly easy to get but if you cannot stretch your budget, simply move your bike to a different spot where the floor does not creak as much. Less creaking equals less noise.

We also love this mat that can be found on Amazon for a steal of a deal, this mat will certainly aid in ensuring you have a quiet ride. We recommend purchasing the 36″ by 72″ mat for a great fit. 

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Ensure That Clipping In And Out Of The Bike Is Quiet.

Often people get up early to work out, which is also when people are asleep in your house. You’re going to have to clip into the Peloton bike to work out. 

Although you might think that being in another room with the door shut will muffle the sound, a decibel reading app has determined that the clipping in and out sound carries and will most likely be heard in the other rooms of your place.

One nifty trick is to clip your shoes onto the bike the day before your workout. It won’t hurt to leave your shoes there. When you get up in the morning, you can slip your feet into your shoes and get started with your workout without waking anyone up. Similarly, you can simply untie, un-velcro, or unsnap your shoes and leave them on the bike when you are done.

With this issue dealt with, you will have a peaceful and quiet workout.

Check The Screws Underneath the Front And Back Of The Bike

We have established that Peloton bikes are silent. However, after several years of use, you may notice a clicking or squeaking sound when you’re working out. The floor isn’t the problem if the sound continues even after getting a mat or moving the bike to a different spot.

Often contacting support may not be helpful as they suggest tightening the pedals or the cleats, but the problem may not go away. Carefully lift the bike and check underneath the front and the back of the stabilizer bars of the Peloton bike.

You will notice four screws in the front and four screws in the back. Over time, these bolts can loosen and cause noise. To have a quiet workout, simply tighten the loose bolts using an Allen key or tool of your choice, and your noise problem should be resolved.

There might also be some welding imperfections on the stabilizer bars that cause the creaking noise. You can contact support and have them take care of it, or you can use a metal filer to stop the loud noise.

Use Headphones

An obvious way to ensure that the Peloton bike is quiet is to use headphones while taking a class. Without headphones, the Peloton classes can be loud, especially if you are like me and really enjoy the music aspect of the rides and like to really jam out to get the most out of the workout.

Any old headphones will do but if you are looking for a stellar pair then check out this article to find an excellent pair so you too can jam out during the spin classes. At the bottom of the article, you will find our favorite wireless headphones and the article will also show you how to connect them to the Peloton.


If you are curious about the overall noise of Peloton bikes, fear not, as the silence of the Peloton bikes is perhaps the final straw and one of the major factors that cause people to jump in and buy one for themselves.

There are several ways that you can ensure your Peloton workout is noise-free by buying a Peloton mat, clipping your shoes in and just sliding in and out of them, and tightening a few loose bolts.