Can You Safely Use A Peloton Bike On Carpet? How to get the Best Ride

A Peloton bike is a piece of home gym equipment that will go in your house and on your floor. Residential floors can vary, unlike gym floors, and many users worry if the bike is able to be used on their specific flooring, in this case, carpet. 

You can use a Peloton bike on carpet. However, putting a rubber mat, plywood, or a towel on top of the carpet is best for stability and helps ensure your carpet does not get drenched in sweat or the bike’s oil, saving you from getting it professionally cleaned or having to wash it. 

If your floor is completely covered in carpet, what do you do? What if you don’t want to damage your hardwood floor and are thinking about using a rug? Will it work? All these questions, along with best practices and some great solutions, are given below. 

Can You Use A Peloton Bike On Carpet?

The simple answer is yes; you are able to put your Peloton bike on a carpet. However, there are some elements to consider because, depending on these, your riding experience can be far from pleasurable. 

Moreover, you will have to make specific arrangements if your floor is fully carpeted or if you have some other type of floor and plan to use a different carpet/rug on top of your flooring. 

Why Would You Want To Use A Peloton Bike On Carpet?

The main reason for most individuals is that they want to protect their expensive and delicate flooring, which can range from expensive hardwood to laminate to porcelain tiles, etc. 

A Peloton bike has moving parts with some made of metal (Flywheel, pedals, etc.), and those parts are lubricated to ensure that there is less friction when you cycle. The momentum that is generated from the force being exerted can cause liquid to drip or be flung onto the floor, which could stain it. 

Hence, placing your Peloton on a surface to protect your floor (and, in this case, carpet) is preferable. 

We will touch on sweat in more detail below, but the sweat generated from exercising on the bike will also make its way to the floor, and if you have expensive wood flooring (or other floorings) that do not care for liquid, this could be a problem. 

Are All Carpets Fine For A Peloton?

We recommend only carpets that are very thin and easy to wash If you are going to be using one underneath your bike. You do not want to use a fluffy rug for many reasons, which we will discuss next. Even better, there are other inexpensive options that we will discuss further that are much better suited for your bike and offer more significant benefits. 

Factors to Consider when Using a Peloton on Carpet

Considering Sweat 

People tend to forget that you are going to be exercising on the bike, and you will be generating a lot of sweat. The sweat is going to drip onto the carpet and, over a period of time, will start smelling up the place. 

This is going to be especially true if you have a thick fluffy carpet that is good at absorbing liquid. Having thick carpet would mean you would have to move the bike and wash the rug more often than not, and that could be somewhat irritating.

Thin, tightly woven carpet will be easy to clean or wipe down after your workout. Think about if you have a pet; cleaning up their mess on a thin rug is much easier than if it were on shaggy carpet. 

Consider The Stability Of Carpet

Even though you are on a stationary bike, you are generating momentum, and force and pressure will be constantly exerted on the left and right sides of the bike as you pedal. This is going to be amplified when you “climb hills” while standing in an upright position on the bike. You will be forcing the weight of your body from side to side. 

If you have a fluffy and uneven carpet, this side-to-side motion will make the bike shaky, which will get annoying and uncomfortable after a while. Again your best bet is a thin, tightly woven carpet. 

Riding on carpet will cause your peloton to wobble a bit more than usual. This wobble will cause things such as your screen bolts to loosen up quickly. I usually have to tighten ours after every 20 rides. For a full list of maintenance items, read our Ultimate Guide to Peloton Maintenance.

Consider Noise Generation

The noise generated from a Peloton is minimal, and you won’t really be able to tell that it is being used if you are in the other room. However, if your Peloton is in a room situated above another, some vibration could be generated. 

So if you have nothing else, then carpet is ideal for this; any carpet will hamper noise or vibration that is generated from the bike, but again if you can opt for a thinner rug, then do so. 

Should You Put Anything Else On The Carpet for your Peloton Bike?

If you have no other choice but to use carpet, then we suggest laying something on top of it. A towel, rubber mat, or even plywood would be perfect. 

You would only want to cover up the areas where you would anticipate liquid from the bike or your sweat would fall. An added benefit is that this would help you keep from washing your carpet as often as your clothing if you intend to cycle every day. 

For those of you on a budget, this mat is perfect to lay down on top of carpet and is totally affordable. The mat comes in three different sizes to ensure that you can cover the ideal amount of space to keep your carpet sweat and grime-free.

Sunny Health & Fitness NO. 074-M Treadmill Mat, Medium

If you are in search of something more custom, or a mat-type system that can easily be picked up and stored away without taking up a ton of space then I have a great solution for you. This interlocking mat system is heavy duty and very effective at protecting the flooring, it also has rave reviews!

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What Else Can Be Used For A Peloton Bike Besides Carpet?

We suggested rubber mats and plywood that you could place on top of your carpet, but you could actually do away with the carpet altogether if you have these materials that cover the length and width of your Peloton. 

Users think that using carpet is going to make the ride more comfortable, but in actual fact having a soft surface to push down could cause sway and movement in the bike. Even if it is tiny, this will cause you to use your body to stabilize the bike and yourself tiring you out quicker in the long run. 

There are even cycling mats that you can purchase designed explicitly for stationary bikes, and Peloton sells them as well as accessories. However, any cycling mat will do. If that doesn’t suit your fancy, you can opt for commercial rubber gym mats. 

Here are a few more great options to choose from:

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Pros And Cons Of Using A Peloton Bike On Carpet?

Peloton On Carpet ProsPeloton On Carpet Cons
Will protect your flooringCan become sweaty and moldy quickly
Can lessen noise and vibrationYou will have to wash it consistently
It can be easy to clean depending on the carpetCan cause movement and sway when you cycle


By now, you should realize that using your Peloton on a carpet is perfectly suitable, and there is nothing wrong with doing so. You will only need to consider minor details to help prevent your carpet from getting dirty if that is what your flooring is, and if you are using carpet as a mat, you will need to consider keeping that clean as well.

There are many ways you can achieve this, but the best possible solution is to use a rubber mat under your Peloton and on top of your carpet for best results.