Why Is The Peloton Bike More Expensive Than Other Bikes? Is It Worth It?

The popularity of the Peloton Bike has grown immensely over recent years, and purchases for the at-home exercise machine skyrocketed during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is a lot more than just an exercise bike, and the monthly subscription includes 14 live stream classes a day. 

The Peloton Bike is expensive for many reasons, but mainly it’s because it is made with high-quality materials, offers a state-of-the-art workout from the comfort of your home, and has a membership that offers thousands of different workouts like spin class, yoga, and strength training.

Find out if the Peloton is truly worth the investment or if you are better off just hitting the gym. We will uncover the reasoning behind the high price point and help you to make an educated decision you can feel confident about before purchasing.

I also have a special trick under the paragraph titled Peloton Membership that can really save you a lot of cash, so be sure to check it out!

Why Is The Peloton Bike Expensive?

When purchasing a Peloton Bike, the initial cost of the bike is $1,495, which has decreased from $2,200 a few years ago. The initial fee includes the bike only and does not include any accessories or additional equipment you will need to use the bike, such as shoes and a floor mat. 

Currently, there are 2 Peloton Bike models to choose from, the Peloton Bike and Bike+. The Bike+ is the upgraded version of the Peloton Bike and has additional features such as a rotating screen and auto resistance.

There is a range of Peloton packages to choose from. The entry-level package starts at $1,495 for a Peloton Bike and includes a 12-month warranty. As the packages increase, so do the accessories included with the Peloton Bike. 

For example, the Bike Select starts at $1,825 and includes cycling shoes, lightweights, bike mat, heart rate band, and Peloton Camelbak water bottle. The Bike + Basic is $2,295, including the Bike + and a 12-month warranty. 

Delivery and installation of the Peloton cost $250. 

The Peloton Bike is made from high-quality materials such as a carbon steel and aluminum frame and a lightweight wheel. The material used makes the Peloton Bike a reliable exercise machine that won’t require much maintenance as long as it is kept clean. 

When comparing this to the cost of purchasing a road bike, you can get a higher-end road bike. However, the Peloton is so expensive because it is made from high-quality material and provides a convenient way to exercise from the comfort of your home. 

With the monthly subscription, you will have access to unlimited live-streamed and on-demand classes for $40 per month (changing to 44 dollars per month in June 2022). In contrast, spin classes, on average, can cost $20 per session. The yearly cost of having a Peloton bike is approximately $500 for access to the subscription. 

The Peloton Community is vast and inclusive, and it connects friends and family. The classes are interactive and highly renowned. During the live sessions, the instructors can guide and assist you. 

Benefits Of A Peloton Bike

The Peloton Bike comes with a higher price tag for a good reason. It increased in popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic stay-at-home regulations. Its popularity soared so high the production and delivery of the Peloton were on backorder for weeks. 

The delivery period has significantly dropped, and it is more accessible.  

The Peloton Bike is a fun and easy way to get back into exercise, especially for people who are anxious to return to gyms or don’t enjoy training with other people. Despite its initial startup costs, the monthly subscription to access classes is more affordable than the current cost of spin classes. 

It allows you to train in the comfortability and privacy of your own home. 

Although the strength and endurance you achieve while training on a Peloton Bike can’t directly be translated to the strength it requires to ride a road bike, regularly training on a Peloton Bike will increase your fitness levels. 

Cycling is a lower-impact exercise recommended for people with injuries to regain strength. It is recommended for pregnant women and people with weaker joints as it is safer and great for their health. 

It is also safer than a road bike as the risk of injury is lower than cycling on the road, where falling off a bike and road accidents are more common. 

Having a Peloton Bike in your home will further save you time and money commuting to a gym where you can take a spin class. It works well with busy schedules as you can hop on your Peloton Bike during a quick break in your workday if you are working from home and don’t need to worry about driving back to an office. 

Having a Peloton bike is great for busy schedules and full lives because it offers flexibility. 

What Makes The Peloton Worth It?

 The price of a Peloton is worth it as it will save you money in the long run. The initial fee to purchase a Peloton Bike and the necessary equipment is high; however, in the long term, a Peloton Bike subscription is more affordable than the majority of gym and spin class memberships. 

It is convenient and allows you to fit in a quick workout at any point during the day. There are both on-demand and live-streamed videos, making it easier to train flexibly. 

Another feature to consider is that you will be training from home and in your privacy. You can still virtually connect with your friends and family via the subscription, making the classes more entertaining. 

Peloton Membership

I have been using the Peloton membership for multiple years. I would say it is the best feature that Peloton offers, don’t get me wrong…the Peloton bike is amazing, the ride is smooth and nearly silent and my husband and I absolutely adore it and have zero regrets about purchasing it. 

The membership and the app are just simply EXQUISITE! The instructors are fantastic and the range of classes available is endless and they are very effective. I love that from the comfort of my home i can take a quick ten-minute strength training class when I’m in a pinch, or when I’m feeling like I need to break a sweat I can take the hardest spin class of my life!

The all-access membership offers spin classes, strength classes, yoga, cardio (like HIIT), meditation, Running (indoor and outdoor), stretching, walking, and even hiking! There literally is something for everyone!

But if you are reading this article you must be questioning the decision to purchase a Peloton spin bike, and if the investment seems to be too much to bear…that is okay! I have a secret for you…ANY spin bike can be used with the Peloton app! That means you can get away with spending just a couple hundred dollars and purchase the monthly app for 12.99 per month and get nearly all the benefits of having a Peloton spin bike without breaking the bank!!!!!

For several years this is how my husband and I utilized the Peloton app. 

We purchased an iPad holder so we could watch Peloton classes, and also purchased this cadence monitor so we could match our speed to what the instructors were calling out. 

Spin Bike Tablet Holder Mount, Phone iPad Holder Stand Exercise Bike Handlebar Mount For Stationary Bicycle, Treadmill, Microphone Stand, Fit For iPad Pro 12.9, Air, Mini, Galaxy Tabs, iPhone(4.7-13”)
Wahoo RPM Cycling Cadence Sensor

One downside is there is no way to gauge your resistance without having the Peloton bike, but as you ride you start to figure out where you should be on a flat road and where you should be for a tough climb. 

With the app, you can take all pre-recorded classes, and this includes the off-the-bike workouts like strength training, walking, yoga, running, etc. 

What Are The Alternatives To A Peloton Bike?

Here is the spin bike that we used and loved, it is very similar to the spin bikes you see in many studios for spin classes. It is built very well and will provide an excellent workout! It is a pretty basic spin bike, it is not as tricked out as the Peloton bike+ but its a great spin bike that truly does the job at a fraction of the price!

Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike with Heavy 49 LB Chrome Flywheel - SF-B1002

If you are looking for other options that may more closely mimic the Peloton bike we have an entire article dedicated to going over all the alternative options! Check it out HERE to see if you can find the right fit for you! We hope it can help make finding the perfect spin bike as easy as possible!

In Conclusion

The Peloton Bike is more expensive as it is made from high-quality materials and offers a product like no other. The initial cost for a Peloton Bike and the necessary accessories are expensive; however, the long-term cost may not be as much as having a gym membership, and the benefits outweigh the initial price tag. 

If you know that you love spin classes and are seriously committed to working out at home, then yes a Peloton bike is worth it.

If you are new to working out or to taking spin classes then the Peloton bike may not be worth it for you, it may be best to test the waters first by purchasing a more affordable bike and paying 12.99 per month for the app. 

This is a great way to save a lot of money, test out the Peloton platform, and have a lot of fun. The Peloton bike can always be purchased at a later date if you find that taking Peloton spin classes is the love of your life and you are ready to upgrade!