How Many Calories Do You Burn On A Peloton Bike? Tips To Boost Your Calorie Burn

If you are looking for an efficient calorie-burning alternative to your current workout plan, the Peloton bike might be the answer you have been looking for. The Peloton brand offers a wide range of modernized technology to motivate and push you to achieve your daily calorie burn goal. With around six million Peloton members in 2021, this brand is still gaining popularity worldwide.

The Peloton bike is an enjoyable and innovative way to burn calories at home. The number of calories burnt highly depends on body composition, speed, the effort you put into your workout, and many other factors. The average calories burnt in a 45-minute Peloton class range between 400 and 700.

The Peloton bike thus offers an enjoyable and effective exercise experience for both first-time users and advanced cyclists. Peloton equipment uses advanced technology for live workouts, performance-tracking, and the help of personal instructors to encourage ultimate calorie burn. What can I expect from a Peloton bike workout? How do I maximize calorie burn? Well, you have come to the right place.

How Many Calories Will I Burn On My Peloton Bike?

Understandably, it is important to know what to expect for your exercises before making such a large investment. Whether outdoor cycling or cycling indoors on a stationary bike, cycling workouts have always been a time-efficient way to assist in calorie burning and weight loss. 

The average calories burned on the Peloton bike is estimated at 550 for a consistent hour workout. This calculation equals about 412 calories for a 45-minute workout or 275 calories per half an hour on the Peloton bike. It is crucial to note that many factors influence your calorie burn during workouts.

Just like all bodies do not react the same to different foods, in the same way, all bodies do not react the same to exercise. Role players in calorie-burn include individual body composition, diet, gender, and workout intensity. It is thus advised to take these generalized estimates with a pinch of salt rather than setting yourself up with unreachable expectations.

Calorie-Burn For Jogging Versus Calorie-Burn On A Peloton Bike

Cycling and running are two of the classic, and easier accessible aerobic exercises practiced worldwide. Jogging has proved to generally burn more calories than cycling, yet cycling, especially indoor cycling, proves many other advantages. These advantages, such as cycling being gentler on the joints, have led many individuals to prefer cycling above running.

Again, many aspects will drastically influence the results you will get out of each exercise. Since running uses more muscles than what is used for cycling, calorie-burn is higher. Yet, for the same reason, it is easier to cycle for a longer period than it is to run for the same period, which can equal or even exceed the difference in calorie-burn statistics.

Will I Lose Weight On My Peloton Bike?

Just like you should maintain the correct balance of calorie intake (by food and drink consumption) and calories burnt (through exercise, daily activity, and normal body functioning) to lose weight with any exercise or by using any exercise equipment, in the same way, it is necessary to find and create the correct calorie balance when using your Peloton bike to achieve your weight-loss goal.

It is estimated that the average individual needs to burn about 6000 calories per month to lose 10 pounds (4.5kg) within six months. Six thousand calories monthly suggest that your daily goal should be to burn about 200 calories. The Peloton bike would make your 200-calorie goal seem closer than ever. Your daily calorie intake and weight-loss target will affect the number of calories you need to burn daily.

Tips To Boost Your Calorie Burn On Your Peloton Bike

Tip 1: Increase the speed at which you cycle. Increased heart rate equals greater calorie burning. By doing this, you need to be mindful to establish the maximum speed you will maintain throughout the entire time frame of your exercise.

Tip 2: Increase the resistance of your bike. By increasing the resistance, your muscles work harder. If your muscles work harder, calorie-burn will increase, which in turn will benefit your weight-loss journey. Again, keep in mind that you will still be able to finish your workout session.

Tip 3: Make use of Peloton’s technology to help and guide you to your full potential and calorie burn capabilities. Some of the helpful technological assistance that the Peloton provides the user includes live classes, friendly and competitive cycling competitions, and leaderboards. 

Tip 4: Try cycling in intervals. Interval training has numerous times proved to be more time-efficient than normal training. Thus, you burn more calories in a shorter amount of time. Studies show that high-intensity interval training can be up to four times more efficient than normal training. 

General Tips To Maximize Calorie Burn During Exercise

It is extremely important to fuel your body with enough nutrients before your workout to ensure that you can push yourself to the best of your abilities. The right amount of energy-filled nutrients allows maximum calorie burn and decreases the possibility of burning yourself out.

Another great way to ensure maximum calorie burn during workouts is to stick to a set program. Consistency is (and always will be) key! Overworking yourself on some days will restrict your ability to exercise the day or even days after. Rather be consistent so you can burn max calories with every workout than burn yourself out and lose motivation to cycle for the next couple of days. 

If you have been consistent with your workout and still don’t seem to show any progress towards your weight or fitness goal, it is suggested that you pay attention to your diet. Eating healthy does not necessarily mean giving your body what it needs for optimal functioning. Speak to a nutritionist or download an app to track your calorie intake to ensure that you are not over or under-eating.


If your target weight has been featured on your New Year Resolution year-on-year, but you can’t get yourself to go for a run or to drive to the gym, the Peloton bike might be the solution for you. Although it is quite an investment, it is time-efficient, fun, and functions within the convenience of your four walls. 

If you have already purchased yourself a Peloton bike, but it has been acting as a storage unit for you not-dirty-enough-to-wash clothes because you don’t seem to make any progress in your weight-loss journey, don’t give up hope yet. Here is your sign to take these tips, get back to work, and burn those calories!