How To Find and Fix A Clicking Noise On My Peloton Bike?

Peloton bikes are fantastic pieces of exercise equipment, and as advanced as they are, they are not without some issues that can occur because of moving mechanical metal parts. These can generate unwanted clicking noises. Let’s see how to fix this.

To fix the clicking noise coming from your Peloton, you will need to either tighten and adjust your cleats, tighten the tension screws located on the back of the pedals or adjust the front/rear stabilizer feat so that they are level. In rare situations, you may need to replace the crank arm. 

Why are there clicking noises coming from your Peloton? Where are they coming from, and how do you fix these problems quickly and easily? We answer all those questions here. 

How To Fix A Clicking Noise On My Peloton

If you start to hear a clicking noise on your Peloton, your first instinct could be to grab your tool belt and go to work, but it would help if you understand what you are looking to fix and where the noise is coming from. 

There will be four scenarios where you could have your Peloton generating a clicking noise. Taking into consideration that the only moving and mechanical metal parts come from the area where the pedals and crank arm are, you will be looking in this area 99% of the time if you find you can hear some sort of clicking noise that is coming from your Peloton. 

The other 1% will find that a clicking noise could be generated from the front or rear stabilizers (but we will get to that). Let’s look at the four main reasons why your Peloton could be making a noise, then troubleshoot the problem and give you a solution. 

A Clicking Noise Will Come From The Cleats Of Your Shoes

We said that any clicking noises are probably due to mechanical metal parts that move when you use your bike, and the first contact of metal on metal is where your cleats clip onto the pedals of the bike.

What typically happens is that your cleats come loose to a degree. They then begin to move in and out of position when connected to the pedal. 

Peloton bikes use a cleat type known as Delta-compatible. These cleats come affixed to the bottom of your cycling shoes with a 3-screw hole setup. For the most part, you can connect these cleats to the bottom of most cycling shoes which have three holes (not two), so you should not have a problem there. 

The problem occurs when these cleats are not tightened enough. Also, what happens with the constant snapping of the shoes into the pedals and the force exerted on them during the ride is that the screws eventually come loose. 

How To Fix Cleat Clicking Noise

This solution is simple enough and will only require you to use a screwdriver to tighten up your cleats. 

A Clicking Noise Will Come From The Pedals Of The Peloton

If your cleats are firmly secure, the next step will be to look at the part of your pedals where your cleats will connect. Located at the bottom of your pedals are tension screws that can be adjusted, allowing you to change the comfortability of your shoes when they are snapped into the pedals. 

These screws may come loose periodically, and Peloton does state that you should check them often enough. These screws will be identifiable by them having a “plus” and “minus” sign around them.

If these screws become loose enough, they can rattle and even cause your shoes to snap out of place, causing not only a problem if you are cycling with a very high cadence but that dreaded clicking noise that could be driving you crazy.

How To Fix Pedal Clicking Noise

As with the cleats, you will only need to tighten these screws if they are loose, but you will need a 3mm Allen key instead of a screwdriver. 

Be careful not to just go about tightening or loosening these screws because adjusting the float of the pedals can make riding uncomfortable and could make it difficult to snap out your shoes when you are done cycling. 

A Clicking Noise Will Come From The Crank Arm

There could be an internal problem with your Pelotons crank arm in very rare situations. If you have exhausted the possibilities we have put forth to you regarding the cleats and pedals, then the second to last problem could be this. 

The problem apparently centers around an alignment issue that the Peloton crank arm can, in some situations, go through. 

If you feel this is the case, then your best bet will be to call out a Peloton technician if your bike is still under warranty; if not, that still may be an option if you are not suited for DIY work. 

How To Fix Crank Arm Clicking Noise

Detailing how to fix and/or replace that crank arm is beyond this article’s scope in terms of its DIY necessity. You will need a few tools, a bit of time, and some hard work to fix this problem along with a new crank arm. If you are adamant about trying and fixing this problem yourself, then you can watch this step-by-step tutorial which demonstrates how to do it. 

Replacing one crank arm only takes about 6 minutes in total, so doing both should not take you more than 15 minutes. 

A Clicking Noise Is Coming From The Front Or Rear Stabilizers

When you set up your Peloton (or if it was set up for you), there is a stage in the process whereby you have to adjust the stabilizer feet so that the Peloton sits firmly and level on the ground. 

If you don’t know what these feet are, what this process is, and have no clue what we are talking about, then check out the Peloton manuals, which explain and guide you through it. 

You can think of these feet as similar ones to that of your washer, dryer, and fridge. They stabilize and provide a level surface for that piece of equipment to function correctly on.

If these are not set up correctly, and you are cycling (especially with the force of the constant left/right motion), your bike will rock from side to side and produce a tapping or clicking noise. This may be difficult to detect on a soft surface like a carpet, so be cautious of that. 

How To Fix Clicking Noise Of The Front And Rear Stabilizers

Once again, this process is simple enough, and you will only need to find the “foot” that is out of sync (off-balance) and turn it till it is firmly on the ground. 

It would be preferable to get a spirit level and check to see that your bike is perfectly level because it will prevent this problem from occurring in the future. 

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We discovered that there are four ways in which your Peloton bike or shoes can generate a clicking noise. Although these problems are all easily remedied, there are situations whereby a problem with your bike’s crank arm can occur. 

If you don’t have any DIY experience in situations like that, it is always best to seek out help from a professional.