How to Use Two Peloton Bikes On One Account the Easy Way

You may be in a situation where you are considering a purchase of another Peloton bike. However, you don’t know if you want to pay an additional subscription fee of $39 a month if you are not going to be using your second bike that often. Is there a way around this problem?

You can use two Peloton bikes and one account. However, you will not be able to use one account on two bikes simultaneously. You will essentially transfer your one subscription to whichever bike you decide to use at the time, basically deactivating the other. 

How many Peloton bikes can you connect with one account? Why would you want one account and multiple bikes anyway? What is the process for setting up numerous bikes with one account, and how easy is it? We answer all these questions in this article.

Can You Have Two Peloton Bikes On One Account?

In short, the answer is yes. You can use one account across multiple peloton bikes. However, there are restrictions regarding this that Peloton enforces.

How Does Having One Account And Two Peloton Bikes Work?

Peloton only allows users to have one bike and one account, and according to their official thread on the matter, “It is not possible to use one membership on multiple Bikes – it can only be used on one Bike at a time.”.

However, there is a loophole that you can work with that allows you to have multiple bikes and only one subscription. You will need to consider that at no point in time ever will two bikes and one subscription work simultaneously. Essentially, this loophole works because as one bike is registered, signed in, and using the subscription, the other will be signed out and deregistered.

Take note that this workaround actually allows you to have multiple bikes and only one account, but again none of these bikes will be able to share the subscription simultaneously.

Setting Up Two Peloton Bikes With One Subscription

We will now guide you through how you are able to have fundamentally as many Pelton bikes as you wish while only using one subscription.

Firstly, you will need to purchase two Peloton bikes, and there is no need for either of them to be new. This method works both with used and brand-new bikes alike. Moreover, if you purchase a used bike on the secondary market, sometimes the original owner will want to sell you their remaining subscription. This is not necessary, as you will see.

Besides having two bikes, you will need one valid subscription. Now your original bike will be logged in and registered with your initial subscription, and how this process works (two bikes and one subscription) is that you will continuously transfer back and forth your initial subscription to the current bike you would like to ride.

When you purchase your second bike, you will load it onto your Peloton account, and this is the loophole that allows us to utilize two bikes.

At this point, It is important to note that your Peloton account is not your subscription account, but rather you register and load Peloton profiles onto your Peloton account.

When you start up and activate your second bike, you will be prompted with options that allow you to choose which subscription to tie to your second bike. Now due to the fact that your account is now registered with two Peloton bikes, automatically, a new “new empty” profile will be put forth to you as well as your initial subscription. 

You should, at this point, select the “new empty” profile for your second bike, and it will then create a second profile for that bike (two profiles and two bikes, one for each).

However, if you simply wish to save yourself $39 a month, all you will need to do at this point is select your initial profile prompt from the screen of your second bike.

Now what will happen is that your first bike with your original profile will deactivate (not from your account), and the profile will subsequently register and activate on the second bike allowing you to log in and ride.

When you attempt to start up your first bike again, then the same registration screen will appear with the two profiles, and all you need to do is repeat this process for your first bike if you wish to ride it again.

What is essential to understand is that you can do this back-and-forth dance of deregistering and registering your one subscription from bike to bike an infinite number of times.

As you can see from this process, it is, in fact, impossible to ride two bikes simultaneously with one subscription. However, you can basically have as many bikes as you can afford and only use one subscription. 

Will You Lose Any Data When Disconnecting Accounts?

You may be thinking how great two bikes with one subscription is, but what about all your saved data that has been stored on your initial bike? Won’t you lose all of it?

Lucky enough, Peloton is smarter than you think because your data regarding leader boards, your metrics, and such are not stored on your Peloton bike but rather on their personal servers within their infrastructure.

Why Would You Want Two Peloton Bikes And One Subscription?

You could be asking what the need for having two Peloton bikes and one subscription is because why would you ever buy two bikes and have them both at your place but only be able to ride one at a time.

Well, there are situations where having two bikes and one subscription can come in handy. Take, for instance, a scenario where you have a vacation home. In that case, you would likely have one bike located at your normal residence and one at your vacation spot. 

Also, maybe you have a family member or friend with a Peloton who works out at different times of the day than yourself, they could then share your subscription and you could split the price, making the monthly payment of the subscription much more affordable. 

There would be no point in having a second subscription for your holiday home, Peloton, because you will barely ever use it. Hence swopping the subscription from bike to bike when you go on vacation and return home will best suit this type of situation.


We found out that you can connect one account to multiple bikes (not just two), but you will never be able to use them together because they transfer your one valid subscription to the bike you wish to use.

Additionally, this method does not erase or lose any data that you have been accumulating on your Peloton subscription because the data is stored on the Peloton servers and not your actual bike.

Lastly, you may think that having two bikes and one account is necessary, and there are no situations where this makes sense, but we found out that there actually is, and this loophole could save you around $500 a year if you choose to use it.