How To Perfectly Adjust The Peloton Bike and Bike+ Screen for You?

You may find after setting up your Peloton perfectly for your riding position; the screen may not be aligned correctly for your riding position. Luckily there is a way to adjust the screen. However, the Peloton bike is a little different from the Peloton bike+ the standard variant doesn’t have the additional features that the bike+ has. 

To adjust the Peloton bike and bike+ screen for tilt, hold the top and bottom of the screen with both hands, and with a push/pull motion, direct the screen to the desired angle. To rotate the bike+ screen hold the left and right sides of the screen and use a push/pull motion to rotate. 

Learn to adjust both the standard Peloton bike and bike+ and if you have a classic bike, learn how you can adapt it for swivel even though it is not designed that way. 

How To Adjust The Peloton Bike And Bike+ Screen?

The Peloton bike and bike+ screens are slightly different in terms of how they are designed to be adjusted. This goes for their angles (tilting the screen up or down) and for swiveling. Additionally, the Peloton bike+ is much more user-friendly, and due to that, it is almost effortless to adjust. 

How to adjust the Peloton bike screen?

The peloton bike screen is designed with a monitor mount that is adjustable but only for the purpose of changing the screen angle. This means you can tilt the screen up or downwards, depending on your preference. 

Tilting the screen should be easy enough. Due to the fact that the screen is bolted securely onto the monitor arm with four screws and washers, you will need to hold the screen with both hands (at the bottom and top) and pull/push in the desired direction. It’s as simple as that. 

However, one thing to consider is that in some cases, if the bike is brand new, the joint of the monitor arms might be very tight, and you may feel that exerting too much pressure on the screen trying to tilt it could damage it. 

In this case, we suggest that you remove the screen from the monitor arm and adjust it directly, then place and fasten the screen back in place. 

To do this, you will first need to remove the monitor’s backplate that is covering the monitor arm. To remove the backplate will only require you to snap it out of place and off. There is nothing that is fastening it down, so feel free to use your hands (just like snapping a cell phone cover in place).

You will then have access to the monitor arm, and by using a Phillips head screwdriver, you will be able to remove the four screws located in the corners and take off the screen. You will then be able to freely adjust the monitor arms tilt without the worry of damaging your screen. Once you have done this, replace everything as it was. 

Please take note that the Peloton bike does not allow you to turn the screen left or right (adjust for swiveling purposes). This is because the monitor arm is not designed with that option. 

Is there a way to make my Peloton bike screen turn (swivel)?

There is a way that you can customize your Peloton screen and allow it to swivel on the standard bike even though it does not come with this capability. This is done by purchasing and installing an aftermarket pivot and/or swivel arm. 

Check out this pivot on Amazon here

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Depending on what you purchase, you will need to install it onto your Peloton. The pivot and swivel arm we recommended above is an excellent choice and relatively affordable, costing approximately $30. 

To install it, you will need to remove the original monitor arm from your bike and replace it with this one. The setup is almost exactly the same as installing the original monitor arm for all intent and purposes. 

The only difference is that if the screen is too tight and it won’t rotate, you will use a 13mm end wrench and 6mm hex wrench to loosen the pivot, adjust the screen and then tighten it again to a point where it is firm. 

Take note that you can get various types of pivots, and swivel arms, and for the most part, they will be very similar, and you will install them all pretty much as you did with your original monitor arm. If you feel that this is beyond your reach, you can hire a technician to do it for you.

How to adjust the Peloton bike+ screen?

The Peloton bike+ is an upgraded version of the Peloton bike and is designed a little differently. It does come with a few extra features, and two of those features include being able to tilt the screen up or down with ease and then also being able to rotate the screen without the need for installing any aftermarket swivel arms or pivots. 

If you have a Peloton bike+, all you will need to do is refer to the manual and it will give pictures and a description of how to tilt the screen up and how to rotate it. 

However, it is simple enough, and we will detail it here for you;

To tilt the screen to the desired angle, hold the top and bottom of the screen firmly with both hands. Then with a push and pull motion opposite to each hand, you will gently tilt the screen either up or down to the desired tilt angle. 

To rotate the screen, either left all right, you will begin by holding the screen on either side firmly. Then with the same opposite motion, you will rotate the screen to your desired location. 

Take note that the handlebars are situated close to the screen if you turn it, so be careful not to move too quickly or to rotate the screen so that it will come into contact with the handlebars. 


We discovered that it is pretty simple to adjust the screen for a Peloton bike and even more so for a Peloton bike+. The bike+ is designed so users can rotate and tilt the screen with ease just by holding the screen and motioning it into the desired position. However, the Peloton bike+ is the upgraded version, and it will cost you a bit more money.

The cheaper and easier way to achieve a rotating and tilting screen is to get the standard Peloton bike (which is able to tilt) and then purchase an aftermarket swivel arm or pivot for around $30. Installing this aftermarket pivot is relatively simple, and for a lower price, it offers you the same options as a Peloton bike+.