Is A Peloton Bike Worth The Price… For Beginners?

Peloton is a company that boasts high-tech workout equipment for the average Joe who is just starting on their fitness and exercise journey. They’re also competitive and filled with camaraderie and a sense of community for those who thrive on the class dynamics of high-intensity spinning sessions. So, we want to know, with the rather high price tag, is it even worth it for a beginner?

In short, if you are willing to put in the time and dedicate yourself to setting goals and obtaining them through consistent use of the Peloton Bike or Bike+, then it is worth it for a beginner. Peloton offers great features and, along with the accessories, makes for a well-rounded workout. 

Primarily Peloton is known for their bikes, but they also make treadmills, as well as The Guide for weight lifting. Peloton is certainly ahead of the pack when it comes to at-home training equipment, especially in their spinning classes and the versatility of their products. We will look at what they have to offer, and this article will help guide you to making the best choice for your needs, so do read on for more.

Is Getting A Peloton Bike or Bike+ Worth It?

When it comes to the Peloton, one of the first questions which may come to mind is whether the Peloton Bike and Bike+ are good pieces of equipment for beginners? And then one begins to wonder, if they are good, are they at least worth it, especially with the typically high price tags. The initial response to that would be that it depends on the person, but, for most, these are great options.

Peloton bikes offer a range of classes and even have instructors who tailor workouts towards the needs and wants of those new to either spinning or fitness and training in general. We are going to delve deeper into these aspects soon, but first, let us consider this, “Are you one who is self-motivated and can keep to a proper training regime?”

If your answer is “Yes”, then brilliant, we are off to a great start, but if it was a “No”, do not let me lose you just yet, as you may be converted after reading the remainder of this. Let me explain that many people who buy Peloton products have yet to step into a spin class or perhaps even a gym environment.

Peloton bikes are not merely meant to be additional training tools for those who are already doing other forms of exercise or sport, but rather are also there to cater to those who may have too busy a schedule to be making time to head to a gym. Additionally, some people are too body-conscious to consider stepping into a conventional gym, which is one-way Peloton can help. 

If you are contemplating how the delivery and setup of the Peloton bikes work, look at this short video to gain a brief understanding of what to expect once yours arrives.     

What Are The Options Available With Peloton?

There are two options available in terms of the Peloton bikes at the moment; there is the Peloton Bike which came out in 2014 and is now priced at a substantially lower figure, especially if you just buy the basic package, then there is the 2020 Peloton Bike+. This newer bike has more advanced features, but we shall run through what comes with both now. To view a full comparison, see here.

The Peloton Bike includes:

  • A fairly sizeable touchscreen that is 21.5 inches
  • monitor that can be tilted up or down as preferred
  • Rear speakers, offering a 2 x 10-watt sound system
  • The original Bike has a resistance knob, which is mechanical and is adjusted manually
  • 5-megapixel front-facing camera, which can be used when riding with friends 
  • 2GB of RAM 16GB of storage with a USB port for charging devices
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth 4.0

The Peloton Bike+ has:

  • A larger touchscreen (23,8 inches) with anti-smudge and is less reflective
  • A monitor that can not only tilt up and down, but rotate 360°
  • Better audio quality thanks to 4-channel audio with woofers that are 2 x 10 watts and tweeters at 2 x 3, and the speakers face you, so you are more immersed in the classes
  • Apple GymKit allows you to pair your Apple watch to the Bike+ and gives you the chance to track your metrics which are also displayed on the screen
  • Auto Follow and the ability to manually adjust the knob for resistance, but now it is a digital adjustment 
  • 8-megapixels front-facing camera with a privacy cover
  • 4GB of RAM and also 16GB of storage, along with USB-C for charging of devices
  • Better Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth 5.0

The Pricing, Payment, And Packages For Peloton Bikes

The Bike alone costs $1,495, or it can be paid off over 39 months at $45PM. The Bike+, on the other hand, has a starting fee of $2,495 upfront, or it can be paid in installments of $59PM over 43 months. For information on the financing, see here.

One thing worth noting is that like certain health insurance companies subsidize or completely cover gym membership fees for their clients, some of them are now willingly paying for members’ Peloton bikes, so before forking out the exorbitant amount yourself, see if they won’t cover it for you. 

The packages and their respective pricing

Below are the prices to expect to pay for each of the potential packages; to see what they include with them, see here

All Peloton Bike options come with an additional fee of $250 for delivery and setup. Below are your options for the Bike. 

  • Bike Basics, which is $1,495 once-off or $45 per month 
  • Bike Starter, which is $1,720 once-off or $51 per month 
  • Bike Select, which is $1,825 once-off or $54 per month 
  • Bike Ultimate, which is between $1,935 – $2,035 once-off or $57 per month 

All Peloton Bike+ options come with free delivery and setup. Below are your options for the Bike+.

  • Bike+ Basics, which is $2,495 once-off or $59 per month 
  • Bike+ Starter, which is $2,720 once-off or $64 per month 
  • Bike+ Select, which is $2,825 once-off or $66 per month 
  • Bike+ Ultimate, which is between $2,935 – $3,035 once-off or $69 per month

The Monthly Plans And Fees For Peloton Memberships

Additionally, there is a monthly membership fee that is not included, which gives you the All-Access Membership that you need to access the content, which costs $44 per month. There is also a Peloton App Membership that costs $12.99 per month, which can be used in isolation. Note that applicable taxes are NOT included in the fees mentioned above. 

What Does Peloton Offer For Beginners?

On both apps, there is a section compiled by Peloton that is a compilation of workouts they recommend and can be found under the Collections section. This is an exceptionally ingenious idea and is basically like what a personal trainer would do to help one find out at what level they sit and where to go from there. 

The initial collection is known as “Welcome to Peloton Cycling”. It is a combination of 18 different classes that introduce you to the various types of classes and help give you a feel for the different instructors who give the actual classes. 

You do not have to perform these in any particular order, and you are also free to do as many of them as you like before progressing to more advanced level workouts. Some of the types of classes available are as follows:

  • 20 Minute Beginner Ride
  • 30 Minute Advanced Beginner Ride
  • Climb Ride
  • HIIT Ride

And in addition, there are also tons of other classes ranging from yoga to strength training to stretching. You will find plenty of classes labeled as “Beginner”, and for someone who is just starting, these are exactly what you need to be looking for before advancing on to more strenuous classes.  

Is There Good Customer Satisfaction For The Peloton Bikes?

Apart from the prices for the products and their accessories, the vast majority of people who have tried and tested the Peloton Bike or Bike+ gave them rave reviews, which is evident in the customer ratings, from over 13,000 individuals, sitting at 4.8 out of 5. So, they are clearly doing something right, which should put your mind at ease if you have any doubts or hesitations.

Peloton also allows the user to try the bike for 30 days, if you find that the spin bike just is not for you within the 30 days Peloton will send someone out to your home to pickup the bike and you will receive a full refund.


There are limitless prerecorded classes, or you can do the Just Ride or Scenic Rides. There are also on-demand and scheduled classes. So there truly is no excuse not to take full advantage of your device that you can use and fit into your schedule as you see fit. The instructors are knowledgeable and keep things fun and exciting. 

The All-Access membership allows you to broaden your workout horizons and try things like yoga, strength training, boxing, and even outdoor running. The Peloton bike is a great way to begin your spinning adventures and is also a great way to start working out from the comfort of your home.