How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Peloton Bike?

Perhaps you are finally ready to buy that Peloton you have been diligently saving up for, or maybe you own one and are about to move to a new house.  Either way, you probably wonder what it costs to ship a peloton bike and how difficult it is to do.

When buying a new bike, shipping and installation of the Peloton bike and bike+ are free.  Unfortunately, Peloton offers limited international shipping, so you may need to freight the bike privately, which can be pretty expensive when you add shipping fees, import duties, and taxes. 

Shipping a Peloton can be a reasonably stress-free process.  Still, it can also be costly depending on where you are shipping to and what shipping method you are opting for.  If you are just moving to another city, you always have the option of moving the bike yourself, provided you drive a truck. 

The Costs Of Shipping A Peloton

Giving an exact price figure is obviously not completely practical.  The cost will vary hugely depending on how far and through what means you need to ship your bike. 

Shipping A New Peloton Bike

The most straightforward Peloton shipping you will encounter is delivering a newly purchased bike if you live in a country and area serviced by Peloton.  

Peloton includes shipping in the price of the bike. So shipping and handling are free with the purchase of the bike or bike+.

You can then enjoy your bike immediately after arriving, without the hassle of trying to assemble it like a piece of Ikea furniture.  So it’s a win-win, really.  

However, suppose you are ordering your bike from the UK.  In that case, you will pay around $400-$500 more than US customers, with shipping and setup included in the base price.  This is actually a pretty recent development.  

Not too long ago, Peloton wasn’t an international company, and ordering their product outside of the USA was accompanied by a big headache of shipping complications and expenses.  

In fact, their international market is still quite limited, so you may be left with that shipping headache after all.  Fortunately, we have a tip for you.  

There are companies like and Shipito that offer forwarding services.  So you would have Peloton ship it to an alias US address, and the package is then forwarded by such a company to your home.  Keep in mind that although this may sound like a good idea, it may possibly void your warranty when an outside company ships the Peloton. 

Shipping Your Owned Peloton

Maybe you already own a Peloton, but you are busy moving to a different home, city, or even country.  Prices are obviously going to vary significantly between these, but let’s look at some options available. 

Keep in mind that a Peloton doesn’t break down to the point where it can fit neatly into a small box.  Instead, it either needs a rather large wooden crate or gets wrapped and shipped as is, which is an awkward and clunky shape for freighters.  The point is that it is expensive to ship a Peloton. 

Moving Your Peloton Short Distances

If you are like me, then moving within your city bounds or a short distance is accomplished with some friends, pizzas, and beers.  

You may not want to move your Peloton on your friend’s dingy old trailer, risking damage to your precious bike, and that’s understandable.  I suggest looking into “man-with-van” or “cargo taxi” services.  There are three benefits to this option.  

Firstly, you save yourself the effort of moving the bike.  Secondly, at $50-$100, you can get it moved for pretty cheap depending on the distance and time.  And finally, many of these small movers are owner-run businesses, so you support a local business. 

Moving Your Peloton Long Distances

If you are moving further, like to a different city, you are likely not doing the move yourself.  So, the best option is to simply add the bike to your itinerary and just let them take it for you.  

However, let’s assume you want to ship just the bike.  Perhaps you bought a second-hand one in a different city and need to get it shipped to you.  You will need to shop around and get the best price.  

One owner shipped his Peloton from San Francisco to Miami, a 3,000-mile move.  He disassembled and packaged the bike himself and paid $400 for the shipment. 

Another option is to chat with your local bike shop.  They often help customers ship bicycles.  I’m sure that most of them would be happy to help you arrange to dispatch your stationary bike or Peloton bike. 

Moving Your Peloton Overseas 

Unfortunately, moving your bike overseas is going to be expensive.  In some cases, costing more than the bike itself.  

One owner received a DHL quotation for $1700 to ship their bike from the US to the UK.  That price excluded taxations and import duties of 20% and 15%, respectively.  A hefty price, to be sure.  

Here again, you can chat to your local store and shop around for possible better prices. 

Remember To Insure The Move Of Your Peloton

Unfortunately, Peloton’s warrantee and private shipping options don’t play well together.  In fact, in most cases, shipping the bike is likely to void the warranty altogether.  So, you must insure your bike’s transit.  

If something does end up going wrong en route, you can recover your losses and replace or repair your beloved Peloton. 


Because Peloton bikes do not collapse into small packageable parts, they are generally quite costly to ship.  However, shipping a new Peloton is easy if you buy one from a country they operate in.  If not, you can always make use of package forwarding services. 

If you are shipping or moving an owned Peloton, you could be looking at prices of around $50 for a close-distance, neighborhood move.  It will cost about $400 – $500 for a cross-country move and may exceed the cost of the bike for some international shipments.