Peloton Black Friday 2022 Deals

It’s 2022 in the Peloton world, and post-COVID has Peloton making lots of changes due to the demand for the Peloton exercise equipment changing now that the world has once again opened back up. This may be good news for those of us that are interested in getting started with Peloton because sales this Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be super enticing!

On average, Peloton has offered $150-$300 dollars off accessories with the purchase of the bike, or tread. Generally, Peloton will also offer a discount on the Bike+ as well. Stayed tuned to discover all the details of the Black Friday sale which should be released in mid-November.

Let’s chat about what we are hoping to see from Peloton for Black Friday 2022, as well as what has taken place the past few years in order to get an idea of what we might expect to see this year.

Peloton’s Black Friday Steals

2022 has been a crazy year for Peloton. Many changes have taken place, including the ability to now rent Peloton equipment instead of buying it, giving people the availability to return the bike at any time if it turns out it’s not a good fit for you at no cost. With all the different changes going on I think many of us are curious about what Black Friday is going to look like this year.

What we know at this point in time is that the sale will potentially begin on Monday, November 14th and the potential end date may be Monday, November 28th, making the sale one week long if this is what Peloton decides to do.

This year’s deals may be available at, Amazon, and possibly even their first brick-and-mortar retailer Dicks Sporting Goods!

Peloton rarely does promotions or big sales but this past spring, in March of 2022 Peloton had a sale on the Bike, Bike+, and Tread. All three pieces of exercise equipment were $300 off! This was an amazing deal, and we are hoping that means we may have an even more exciting sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year!

As soon as Peloton releases all the details for 2022 Black Friday we will update this page to ensure that you know exactly what will be going down and where to get the best deal!

2021 Black Friday Deals At Peloton

Although I do think the sale will be quite different this year here is a review of what has taken place the past few years for Black Friday.

  • Pelo’s Black Friday began on NOV. 17th and went through Monday, Nov. 28th.
  • $350 off Peloton Bike+
  • $150 off accessories with the purchase of the original Peloton bike.
  • $250 off accessories with the purchase of the Peloton tread.
  • No coupons are needed.

2020 Black Friday Deals At Peloton

  • No official marketed Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals
  • The Original Pelton bike price was lowered though…from $2245 down to $1895

2019 Black Friday Deals At Peloton

  • Free works package ($249 value) with the purchase of the original Peloton bike. (works package included shoes, weights, wired headphones, heart rate monitor, and bike mat.)
  • Free essentials package ($229 value) with the purchase of the tread. (essentials package included resistance bands, a set of free weights, and an exercise mat.)


As Black Friday is getting closer and closer many of us are getting excited to see what kind of deals Peloton rolls out for 2022. I personally am extra excited since there have recently been many big changes that have come from Peloton, and I’m hoping to see that trend continue as we move into the holiday season! Hopefully, all of us who are interested in a Peloton bike or tread are able to get a smashing deal! Let’s cross our fingers!