Can you use the Peloton Digital App with a Peloton Bike and Save Money

I discovered Peloton way before I bought a Peloton Bike. The Peloton Digital app is a great platform that is accessible to anyone. You can stream live and on-demand classes like strength, yoga, cardio, running, stretching, and meditation for just $12.99 a month. However, when I eventually took the plunge and invested in a Peloton Bike, I was surprised that I could no longer use Peloton Digital. 

You cannot use the Peloton Digital app with a Peloton Bike or Bike+. The Peloton Digital app can be used with non-Peloton stationary bikes or without any equipment, but not with the Peloton Bike or Bike+. If you own a Peloton Bike, you must subscribe to Peloton All-Access for 44 dollars per month. 

Peloton All-Access is more expensive, but it has lots of great benefits. The only drawback is that many people do not expect to have to shift from Peloton Digital to All-Access when they buy a Bike or Bike+. Here, we discuss the difference between the two apps and explain why you must subscribe to All-Access when you get a Peloton Bike. 

Can You Use Peloton Digital App With A Peloton Bike?

Unfortunately, the Peloton Digital app is not compatible with the Peloton Bike, Bike+, Tread, or Tread+. If you have a Peloton exercise machine, you must subscribe to the Peloton All-Access app. 

The Peloton Digital app allows people who do not have a Peloton Bike to enjoy the amazing live and on-demand classes on the platform. Whether you have a non-Peloton stationary bike, tread, free weights, or even just a yoga mat, you can join a wide variety of classes on the Peloton Digital app. 

It may seem strange that you cannot use the Peloton Digital app with a Peloton Bike, as they are made by the same company. However, you will find that upgrading to Peloton All-Access when you get a Peloton Bike definitely has its perks. 

Peloton Digital Vs Peloton All-Access Memberships

The Peloton Digital app was designed specifically for people without any Peloton equipment. The company recognizes that a monthly fee of $12.99 is more affordable for lots of people than a Bike or Tread that costs thousands of dollars. 

With the Peloton Digital app, users can access more than ten different types of live and on-demand workout classes – cycling, running, walking, outdoor, tread boot camp, bike boot camp, yoga, stretching, strength, and even meditation. 

There are literally thousands of different workouts on the platform that one can stream on a tablet, smartphone, TV, or web browser, and the library of workouts is ever-growing. 

You can use the Peloton Digital app with any workout equipment or without any equipment at all. All you need is a smart device to stream the classes and a WiFi connection. If you use a compatible heart-rate monitor, you can track how many calories you burn and your Strive Score. 

The Peloton All-Access app is intended for people who have a Peloton Bike or Tread and want to get the most out of their equipment. The Peloton All-Access app syncs to your Peloton Bike’s touchscreen monitor automatically. 

The All-Access subscription costs $44 dollars per month as of June 2, 2022, and members get a range of great benefits. You can access all the same classes as on the Peloton Digital app, plus you can enjoy exclusive content like Scenic Rides and Lane Break. 

You can participate in challenges and compete on the global leaderboard. If you are motivated by a little bit of competition, like me, you will see how your performance in the workouts increases! 

All-Access allows you to track performance metrics like heart rate, calories burned, and Strive Score, as well as more advanced metrics like speed, cadence, resistance, and output in real-time.

The Peloton Digital app only has a single membership profile, but with All-Access, you can create unlimited profiles. This is great if there is more than one person in your home who uses the Peloton Bike. 

Can You Use A Peloton Bike Without All-Access?

You can use a Peloton Bike without subscribing to Peloton All-Access, but the functionality of the Bike and the classes you have access to are seriously limited. Without All-Access membership, you cannot access the whole library of classes.

The only things you can enjoy without an All-Access subscription are three pre-selected, pre-recorded classes and the Just Ride feature. However, your performance metrics will not be recorded during the classes, and you cannot access Scenic Rides. 

Is Peloton All-Access Membership Worth It?

Without a subscription to Peloton All-Access, a Peloton Bike is essentially just like any regular stationary bike. What makes the Peloton Bike experience unique are the live, interactive classes and the massive library of on-demand workouts. 

If you have gone to the expense of buying a Peloton Bike, you might as well pay the extra $44 per month and get the most out of your Bike! The exclusive features that you get with an All-Access membership make it well worthwhile. 

How To Activate Peloton All-Access Membership

  • When you order the Peloton Bike, you will receive a ‘Prepare for Delivery’ email, wherein you will find a membership activation key.
  • This activation key will also be in the SMS you receive right before your Bike is delivered.
  • Once you have switched your new Peloton Bike on and connected it to a WiFi network, you will be guided through the ‘getting started’ process. You will need to enter your email address and create a password for your account.
  • You will be asked to select the subscription associated account, then click ‘activate.’ Your credit card details should already be linked to your account, so the monthly fee for All-Access will automatically be paid. 


While you can use the Peloton Digital app if you have a non-Peloton stationary bike, you will have to subscribe to Peloton All-Access when you buy a Peloton Bike. The Peloton Digital app does not work with a Peloton Bike or Tread. By paying the additional 31 dollars per month, you get access to a wide range of amazing Peloton workouts and features.