Can You Change Peloton Pedals To SPD and Why you Want to?

If you have ever ridden stationary bikes, you will likely know that not all pedals look the same. For example, peloton bikes are bought with delta pedals. These are the pedals that have triangle holes for cleats. However, if you have SPD cycle cleats, you might wonder if you can change Peloton pedals to SPD pedals.

The Peloton pedals can be changed to SPD pedals. It is not difficult to make this switch. However, it is essential to remember that removing the Peloton pedals could possibly affect the warranty of the Peloton bike, be sure to check this before changing from Peloton pedals to SPD pedals.

Suppose you haven’t used cycling cleats before. In that case, you are probably wondering what the difference is between Peloton pedals and SPD pedals. Why would you want to change Peloton pedals to SPD pedals? How do you change Peloton pedals to SPD pedals? Keep on reading to discover all that you need to know about changing the Peloton pedals.

Peloton Pedals VS SPD Pedals 

The pedals that come with a Peloton bike are known as Look Delta pedals. These pedals are common among the cycling community, and most of the higher-end bikes are fitted with Delta pedals. With delta pedals, your foot makes contact with the pedal at three places, maximizing your power output.

Delta pedals allow the foot more movement than SPDs do, despite your foot being fixed at three points. This movement makes Delta pedals less taxing on your knees because your foot has some room to move naturally. 

The disadvantage of Delta cleats is that they are not easy to walk in. They are also not as common to find in gyms, spin classes, and hotels. Hence, if you are going on vacation and would like to go for a cycle, you would either need to pack your own pedals or use other cleats. 

SPD pedals are also known as two-bolt pedals. This is because they attach to your cleats on two points. SPD pedals are probably the most common pedals. They work exceptionally well for mountain biking. However, they are also great for indoor cycling and triathlon. 

Delta pedals are also a bit trickier to clip in and out of, so beginner cyclists sometimes have a more challenging time getting used to Delta cleats.

SPD pedals are great for beginner cyclists because they are easier to clip in and out of. Cleats that are fitted with SPD attachments are also reported to be the most comfortable for walking. Therefore, if you like to drive to a location and then grab a coffee or do some shopping, SPD cleats are the best choice.

Furthermore, SPDs are more commonly found on bikes in gyms and hotels. Therefore, if you can only purchase one pair of cleats, it is best to buy SPD cleats. They are also found on most bikes, except the more high-end ones.

The downside of SPD pedals is that they have a lower power output because they only make contact with the balls of your feet. You are thus not pedaling with the power of your whole foot. However, this point really only makes a difference if you are a professional racing cyclist. For everyday cyclists, the difference is too little to be noticeable. 

Why Would you Change Peloton Pedals To SPD?

The first reason someone would want to change the pedals on their Peloton bike is that they have SPD cleats and would like to save some money.

If you are used to cycling with SPD pedals, you might also want to change to SPD pedals. Another reason to change the pedals is if you are a beginner cyclist and you are still in the process of learning to use cleats, SPD pedals could also be a better fit for you for this reason. 

There is no significant or universal advantage or disadvantage of changing from Peloton pedals to SPD pedals. It mostly boils down to which pedals you prefer and your budget.

However, it is essential to know that changing the pedals on your Peloton bike could affect the warranty of your Peloton bike. The reason is that Peloton does not sell SPD pedals, so you would need to buy another brand of pedals. So be sure to read the requirements and clauses in your warranty before changing the pedals on your Peloton bike.

How To Change Peloton Pedals To SPD

Changing the pedals on your Peloton bike is an easy process. It is recommended that you replace the pedals on your Peloton bike annually to ensure your pedals remain in good condition. If you want to replace Peloton pedals with SPD pedals, you need to ensure that the SPD pedals fit the same hole size. Peloton bikes have a pedal hole size of 15mm. 

In order to change your Peloton bike’s pedals, you will need a 15mm wrench. Before you start, turn the resistance on your Peloton bike all the way to the right. To remove the right pedal, turn the wrench counterclockwise and remove the pedal. 

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Turn the wrench clockwise and remove the left pedal. To attach the new pedal on the right side, align the pedal with the crank arm, then turn the pedal counterclockwise to align the threads. Then turn the pedal clockwise until it cannot be turned anymore. 

To attach the left pedal, align the pedal with the crank arm. Next, turn the pedal slightly clockwise to align the threads and then tighten the pedal by turning it counterclockwise.

You should inspect your pedals regularly to ensure that they are still tightly fixed and that they are still safe to ride with.

These are our favorite SPD pedals that come with cleats. What is great about these is they also have the cages on the pedals, so if someone in the household wants to ride and does not have spin shoes they would be able to wear there regular tennis shoes to use the Peloton bike.

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It is possible to change Peloton pedals to SPD pedals. Be aware that changing from Peloton pedals to SPD pedals could possibly influence your warranty. However, there is no real advantage to changing your Peloton pedals. 

The main reason people want to change their pedals is that they already have SPD cleats or that they prefer riding with SPD pedals. To change Peloton pedals is not a difficult task. Be sure to inspect your pedals regularly and make sure they are secured tightly to prevent injury. Whether you decide to change your pedals is entirely up to you.