Nike SuperRep Cycle Indoor Spin Shoe Review

Hi there, are you super curious about all the hype surrounding the Nike SuperRep spin shoe? These puppies seem to have a cult following on the web, so what gives? We have tested this spin shoe and look forward to letting you know if this spin shoe is in fact worth all the hype.

Overall, the Nike SuperRep Spin Shoe did not impress us. Although the spin shoe has a lot of hype it also is one of the lesser comfortable cycling shoes that we have tried. This is due to the upper velcro strap digging into the foot and being very stiff.

Keep reading to find out more about this overhyped pair of spin shoes.

Why Trust Us?

 My husband has trained and competed in Ironman and from experience knows what to look for in a cycling shoe that delivers performance as well as is comfortable for a long ride.

I on the other hand am a Peloton junkie and am obsessed with riding nearly every day. I even have multiple 60-day streaks where I took a Peloton spin class every day for 60 days before giving myself a day off.  With the amount of ride time I put on our Peloton, having a secure and comfortable spin shoe is integral so I can get up each morning and get to the grind without any discomfort.

Our Review

Initially, out of the box, the Nike SuperRep Spin shoe is a beautiful-looking shoe. I selected the black and red pair and they have some attitude that can be hard to find in other spin shoes. If appearance is important to you then this shoe meets the mark on that front. Also, these shoes run small, be sure to order half a size up.

The SuperRep cycling shoe feels much less stiff on the exterior shell than most of the other spin shoes we have tested, but the sole of the shoe is fairly stiff which does effectively allow for power transfer while pedaling. If you are a very serious rider you may want to consider a shoe with an even stiffer sole for ultimate power transfer.

My husband and I love the amount of venting on the Nike spin shoe, of all the shoes we have tested this shoe has the most airflow which really keeps the feet feeling fresh even in the most intense of rides.  

Once I got the shoe on my feet I immediately noticed that my toes could breathe, there is plenty of space for all my toes!!! My feet are relatively wide and one of the most frustrating parts of finding an excellent spin shoe is finding a shoe that does not bunch up my toes or cause my toes to fall asleep! If your feet are on the wider side you may really enjoy this cycling shoe!

The Nike SuperRep spin shoe has two adjustable velcro straps. The strap system is where I feel this shoe really misses the mark. My husband and I both agree that the upper strap is the problem child. Unfortunately, the upper strap is very wide with a ridge that digs into the mid-foot (directly below the ankle). 

While riding in the saddle we both notice the discomfort even while riding at an easy pace. The shoe really becomes a problem when it’s time to ride out of the saddle, OUCH THAT HURTS! Our hope was that we could break in the shoe by riding multiple times and hopefully resolve this issue, but that just has not been the case. After wearing this spin shoe countless times (300 miles) the area that dug in loosened just a touch but was still uncomfortable. 

The discomfort from the upper strap is the main issue we found with the Nike SuperRep spin shoe. The strap can be loosened to alleviate the discomfort but then the foot is less secure in the shoe and the heel lifts. I am actually quite shocked that this is not spoken about in many of the countless reviews on this spin shoe. 

Another thing to note is that many reviewers have mentioned that the plastic on the sole of the shoe does not hold up to clipping in and out of the shoe for very long. We have not personally had this issue but thought it important to note, as this could mean that the shoes do not last very long, meaning you will need to shell out money for new shoes pretty frequently. 

The Nike SuperRep spin shoe overall has good ventilation, efficient space for wider feet, and dual straps, with the upper strap being pretty uncomfortable and plastic on the sole of the shoe that does not withstand the test of time.  This is why we do not recommend this spin shoe if you are looking for comfort.


  • Great ventilation through lightweight mesh
  • Multiple color options
  • Wide footbed
  • Can be used with multiple cleats including SPD and DELTA cleats
  • Available from multiple retailers
  • Wide opening to easily get foot in and out of the shoe


  • Cleats sold separately 
  • Only moderately stiff sole
  • Uncomfortable upper strap
  • Plastic sole not built to last


  • Lightweight mesh
  • Dual hook and loop straps
  • Rubber under heal for traction while walking
  • Closure easily opens wide to get foot in and out of the shoe
  • Heel pull tab


The average price of Cycling shoes is right at 100 dollars. The Nike SuperRep cycling shoe comes in at slightly over the average at 120 dollars. The SuperReps are available at multiple retailers like Dicks Sporting Goods. These spin shoes are also available on Amazon for quick two-day shipping as long as they are in stock. These shoes have great availability because you can walk into a store and pick them up the same day if needed or have them quickly shipped to your home. 


The Nike SuperRep spin shoes are compatible with both the SPD cleats and the Delta cleats which are the two most commonly used cleats. 


The SuperRep cycling shoes are great for feet that are on the wider side. Overall the actual comfort of the shoe is pretty underwhelming with the upper strap being uncomfortable and digging into the mid foot specifically when riding out of the saddle. 


The Nike SuperReps could have great foot security if it wasn’t for the uncomfortable upper strap. When the spin shoes are properly tightened my foot feels super secure in the shoe, my heel stays put and I can take on a challenging ride. Due to the discomfort of the strap, I must loosen it to be comfortable which takes away from the security and my heel ends up lifting from the shoe, taking away from all the awesome security that this shoe could have.

How they Ride

The Nike SuperReps could ride much better if they fix the upper strap. Overall the shoes ride a bit uncomfortably and are only moderately stiff on the sole so I feel with a bit stiffer sole I could easily exert a bit more power during my ride. 


Well,  I’m sad to say I’m puzzled about all the hype surrounding these cycling shoes. Although they are sassy shoes that is certainly not a reason to buy this spin shoe. When looking for a great cycling shoe we must ensure the shoe will last for many rides and provide us with comfort and security, and the Nike SuperReps does not provide that. We hope you found this review informative. Check out all of our other spin shoe reviews below to see if you can find the perfect pair to suit your needs!

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