How To Keep Kids Off Of The Peloton Bike and Keep Them Safe

Kids have a habit of touching everything. Not just touching; sometimes kids jump, lay, and sit on whatever they see. So if you have a Peloton bike in your home, kids may find it almost too irresistible to resist. Herein lies the problem, as the use of the bike can lead to injuries. So how do you keep children off of a Peloton bike?

Securing the Peloton bike in a lockable room is the best way to keep kids off of the bike. Other options include locking the bike with a cable and turning the resistance to maximum. Also, you can install a safety gate around the bike to keep kids from accessing it.

There are many more methods to keep kids off of the Peloton bike. Keep reading to find out more. 

How To Keep Kids Off Of A Peloton Bike

Below, we have listed some interesting ways to keep your children away from the Peloton bike. Read on to find out more.

Lock The Peloton Bike In A Separate Room

Safely securing the peloton bike away in a locked room is probably the best way to keep kids off of a Peloton bike. Unfortunately, this may not be a feasible option for everybody, as many do not have their own gym room or exercise space. 

However, if you are fortunate enough to have space to lock the Peloton bike in –this will be the best approach. Consider permanently placing the Peloton bike in the garage, spare or guest room, or anywhere with a lockable door. 

If more extreme measures need to be taken you could try using a smart lock system or combination padlock if your kiddos have discovered how to break into the room with a regular lock. More advanced security measures will help reduce the chances of your kids entering the room and injuring themselves on the Peloton bike.

Here is a highly rated door lock that we recommend to keep kids out of your workout space.

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Install A Baby Gate To Deter Children From Peloton Bike

Depending on your children’s age, you can install a baby safety gate around the Peloton bike. This way, if your children happen to find themselves near the off-limits Peloton bike, they will not be able to access it. 

However, if your children are nearing the age where they can easily (or not so easily) climb over the gate, this option might not be suitable for you. Alternatively, if your children can climb over the baby gate, you may want to consider investing in a taller safety gate.

Be sure, though, that the height is sufficiently extended and not just by one or two inches. Installing a safety gate may be a bit more expensive, but it is worth it if it prevents your kids from injuring themselves on the Peloton bike.

This baby gate will close off an entire room if that is what is needed. 

Another option is this superyard that can surround the Peloton bike instead of closing off the entire room.

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Keep Children In A Play Pen While On Peloton Bike

Keep children in a playpen while you are using the Peloton bike. I am aware that this option may not be a permanent solution to keeping children off a Peloton bike; however, it can help temporarily keep them off the bike while you are exercising. 

The key is to have the kids in view while you are using the bike. In this way, kids will not sneak up on you, which reduces the chances of injury. Also, please note that this option is age-dependent and may not be suitable for older children. 

In the paragraph above we recommend a super yard, which can be suitable for the Peloton bike to sit in and keep the kids off, or it can be used for the children to play in during your workout. It simply depends on what your needs are and the ages of your children.

Let The Kids Use The Peloton Bike

Okay, this option might sound a little counterintuitive. After all, we are trying to keep our kids off of the Peloton bike and not on it. But hear me out. Many parents report that letting their kids use the Peloton bike (under supervision) helped to wear out the novelty, which, in turn, resulted in their children losing interest in the bike. 

However, this option seems to be a wild card. After many supervised rides, the novelty of the bike can wear off, or your kid can become addicted to all things Peloton bike. So use this tactic with caution. 

Additionally, you can also max out the resistance on the bike if you want to expose your child to the Peloton bike. This might help your child feel like using the Peloton bike is ‘work’ and not a fun toy.

Lock The Peloton Bike And Turn Up The Resistance

One of the better ways to reduce injuries from the Peloton bike is to turn the resistance to maximum and lock it when not in use. A child can easily injure themselves by stepping on the pedal with no resistance. This can result in the child flying forward and losing control, resulting in injury. 

Thus, it is important to max out the resistance of the Peloton bike after every use. This will reduce the chances of injury if a child does happen to access the Peloton bike. Also, it would be best if you securely locked the peloton bike after every use. To do this, pull a cable through the left pedal and around the rear base.

Then, open the lock and insert the cable through the lock. Finally, close the lock. Another option is to use a cable lock to secure the Peloton bike. Nevertheless, the important thing is that there should be no movement of the pedals after it has been locked.

Cover The Peloton Bike

If the main issue is young children trying to climb all over the Peloton spin bike when it’s not in use, then a cover may solve the issue. A cover should make it more challenging for a child to get any footing on the bike and may result in them getting bored with trying to climb on it.

Make sure the cover is as secure as possible to ensure that the child does not get underneath the cover which could result in the child being able to climb the bike anyway.

This is the cover we recommend and we think it would do a pretty swell job of keeping kids off the Peloton.

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Get Your Kid Their Own Mini Bike

If your child really can not seem to stay away from the Peloton bike, it may be best to get them their own mini ‘peloton bike.’ After all, you often find that kids want to imitate their parents. So a minibike might help satisfy your child’s urge to cycle just like his parents. 

In the end, this can help the child stay off the Peloton bike and stay focused on their smaller, more perfectly fit bike. Purchasing a toy version of a stationary bike should be more than enough to satisfy the need to cycle.

There are currently two suitable options for kiddos:

Here is the first kids spin bike.

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Here is the second spin bike for kids.

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You can use various methods to help keep kids off of the Peloton bike. However, using more than one method may give you the best result in deterring kids from the bike. 

For instance, consider securely installing a safety gate in conjunction with locking the peloton bike. Or mix and match other techniques that best suit you for keeping kids off of a Peloton bike.