5 Differences Between the Peloton Digital App and All-Access Membership; What’s better?

With Peloton bikes being the new rage, many have wondered about the differences between Peloton bike new releases. The real question is, what is the difference between the Peloton digital app compared to the all-access membership? Does one offer more benefits and stats, or are they both similar?

Several differences exist between the Peloton digital app and all access memberships, such as the convenience, the monthly cost, the metrics shown on the screens while pedaling ,the leaderboard availability, maximum resistance variances, and post work out stats. 

Is it worth paying the extra money every month to upgrade from the Peloton app to the Peloton bike all access membership? This article will provide a breakdown of the differences between the two, so you are well informed before you decide to either upgrade or even discover which one would suit you best if you don’t own a Peloton bike yet.

What Is The Main Difference Between The Peloton Digital App And All Access Membership?

As with just about everything, the main difference between the Peloton digital app and the all-access membership is the cost. However, the other somewhat important distinction is convenience.

The Peloton digital app is less convenient as you may find that you forgot to charge the device you are using to see the screen to access the workout. Therefore, when using the digital app, you must constantly remember to keep the device you are using, like a phone or iPad, charged.

The screen is on the bike with the all-access membership, so there is no need to worry about charging it before joining a workout. The other convenient aspect is the feature on the peloton Bike+ that automatically changes the resistance as the instructor advises.

The Metrics Seen On The App And Membership Are Different.

Compared to the all-access membership, the digital app does not show all the same metrics that can easily be seen on the screen of the all-access membership during a workout. Some of the metrics that are immediately visible on the all-access membership that are not shown on the digital app are the output, average output, resistance, heart rate, etc.

The metrics shown are not only convenient, but they also help you monitor your vitals and progress as you’re pedaling so that you are aware of how you are doing. Therefore, the basic screen you get on the digital app leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to metrics.

The one benefit of the digital app is that you can connect your heart rate monitor, which will be shown on the screen along with the cadence and the time remaining. Although the digital app does not show the metrics, the second APM screen comes in handy to show the resistance, etc.  

All-in-all, the all-access membership screen has more details like the progress bar, while the digital app is more basic and shows the bare minimum.

Is There A Difference In The Monthly Peloton App Costs?

When it comes to the cost, the all-access membership is $44 while the digital app is $12.99 as of 2022. Although the membership costs a pretty penny, it does have a significant benefit as there can be more than one user, Peloton allows up to 20 users profiles per each all-access membership.

This feature is great as you can set up multiple accounts under one fee if you have other people living with you. The cost can be easily distributed across the other members so that the $39 monthly payment isn’t as hefty. Whereas, with the digital app, you only get one profile. 

Therefore, although the digital app does not have some of the well-loved features that the all-access membership has, it is still a good investment for someone that is on a budget.

Does The Peloton Digital App And All Access Both Have A Leaderboard?

One of the awesome aspects that can be found on the all-access membership bike+ is a live leaderboard. You can see your performance at that moment and overall performance all the times you have been on the bike.

A leaderboard is a great feature as it allows you to see where you are, which can be motivating for some people to see where you are against not only other people and hashtags that you are in but your record for the duration of that bike ride and all-time. This Peloton feature is a huge selling point as many people consider it a big benefit.

However, there is no leaderboard on the digital app. You can mainly see who else is in the class, but no ranking, and you don’t get the chance to compete against your past performances.

The Maximum Resistance Does Not Match On Both Bikes.

One of the biggest pros when using the digital app is that you do not need a peloton bike. A different bike like the Echelon or the Schwinn can be used and all you need is to install the digital app on a device of your choice to watch it on the screen.

The con of not needing a Peloton bike is that the Peloton digital app resistance will not match the resistance on other spin bikes. So, when you are using the Peloton digital app, and the instructor calls out resistances, you’ll need a conversion system or guess to match the resistance as closely as possible.

Whereas the all-access membership will match the resistance of the bike and instructors’ directions perfectly without the need for conversions.

Post Ride Statistics For The App And All Access.

Another interesting feature that the all-access membership has is that it shows you post-ride stats of those who were live in the class, everyone who has ever taken a ride, and where you fit in. Badges are also given for your best output, which is further motivation to beat your previous outputs.

Compared to how seamless and streamlined the all-access membership is, there are a lot fewer post-ride stats on the Peloton digital app. The main stats you get are the heart rate, cadence graph, and the calories burned but no motivating badges.


I personally have experience using both the all-access membership as well as the digital app. I started my Peloton journey with a Sunny Spin bike that I really enjoyed. I added an iPad holder so I could watch Peloton content from the digital app, and also added this cadence sensor so I could stay on track with the cadence the instructors were recommending. I loved the app and instructors so much that we decided to splurge and purchase the Peloton bike and all-access membership.

My takeaway is that anyone can get a great workout through the digital app with any bike, even if you have to guess at the resistance…in fact I think I worked harder without being able to see my resistance because when I purchased the Peloton bike and started using it I was shocked that the rides seemed easier than when I had to guess how difficult to make my resistance. You DO NOT have to purchase a Peloton bike and the all-access membership to get a great workout and that is the honest truth!

If you are competitive and do best when you can see all your metrics and compete against others then the all-access membership will probably be worth it for you!

Overall, the all access membership trumps the Peloton digital app simply because it is convenient, shows a detailed report of your progress, and helps to keep you motivated while you’re working out but is not required to get a great workout.