Are Peloton Pedals Toe Cage Ready? Which One to get

Peloton bikes aren’t exactly cheap, and after putting down a significant amount of money to get yours, you may be saving up again for a decent pair of clipless shoes.  Or maybe you’re in the market for the perfect pair and, like me, are indecisive about it.  Either way, you may be riding with toe clips or cages for a while.

Peloton bikes ship with Look Delta (or SPD-SL) type pedals which are cage ready! The Peloton pedals are not universal to any type of cages but there are options available to add cages to your Pelton pedals! 

Because toe cages are not universally compatible with Peloton pedals, you shouldn’t just buy the first pair you find on a shelf.  Unfortunately, there is some research required.  And with that added effort, you may be wondering if toe cages are worth it or not.

Which Toe Cages Work With Peloton Pedals?

Because Peloton ships with their own model of delta cleat pedals, you would assume that any universal toe cages would be compatible, but it is never a good idea to assume.  

Fear not, though; there are several compatible options on the market that you can consider.  

The easiest and most sure option is to just buy toe cages straight from Peloton.  This way, you can be sure that they will play nicely with your bike. Unfortunately, as of recently Peloton no longer has toe cages available for purchase. It is important to consider that changing the Delta pedals to off-market pedals or adding toe cages could potentially void your warranty if you are within the warranty period.

The pedals can still be changed or cages can easily be added. We do recommend if you need to contact support for any type of help that you change the pedals back to the Delta pedals or remove the cages, especially if doing a video chat to ensure that the warranty does not become voided. 

We recommend these CyclingDeal Toe Clips if you decide to add cages, which are specifically designed to be used with a Peloton bike and nothing else.  

CyclingDeal Bike Bicycle Toe Clips Cage ONLY - for Peloton Spin Bike & Peloton Bike+ Pedal Adapters - Convert Look Delta Pedals to Dual Function Pedals - Ride with Sneakers

Or you can consider the Venzo toe cages, which you can pick up for slightly cheaper (when they go on sale) and seem to be the go-to option for most Peloton owners.  

VENZO Compatible with Peloton Bike and Bike+ Pedal Toe Clips Cage - Indoor Exercise Indoor Bike Pedal Adapters -Convert Compatible with Look Delta Pedals to Toe Clip Straps– Ride with Sneakers

Why Use Toe Cages With Your Peloton?

You may have concluded that you could just save the money for the cages toward buying a good set of shoes, but while you are not wrong, there are a few reasons you may still want to consider cages. 

1.  The Whole Family Can Ride

If your Peloton is used by a few people, like a family, then putting toe cages on the pedals may make sense.  

Cycling shoes can be pretty expensive, especially if you have to buy a pair for each family member just to use the Peloton.  A more budget-friendly option is to simply use toe cages to allow everyone to use their normal trainers on the bike.  

2. You Don’t Like Cycling Shoes

I’m not going to be one to judge people who don’t like cycling shoes.  Some people just don’t, and if you are one of them, that’s OK.  

Cycling shoes can feel restrictive and uncomfortable, especially if they are not sized correctly.  Whatever the reason is, using toe cages is a solution for you to still enjoy your bike. 

3. You Enjoy Mixed/Circuit Training

Cycling shoes are made for one purpose only: cycling.  You shouldn’t walk in them unnecessarily, and you definitely won’t be running and jumping in them.  This means that while wearing them, you are restricted to your bike. 

But what if you want to change things up and use your Peloton in a home-made training circuit involving everything from running to box jumping in between spinning sessions?  

Well, you can.  Just use toe cages.  You can do it all in your favorite pair of cross-fit sneakers. 

Can You Ride The Peloton Without Cages Or Cleats?

Maybe you just don’t like the thought of your feet firmly attached to the pedals and would like an option similar to a standard flat bicycle pedal.  

You’re actually in luck because after-market adapter options include the ATP Sports Pedal Converters that clip into the Peloton delta pedals and convert them into flat pedals.   

There are no cages and no cleats, and you can hop on and off as you please.  But unfortunately, there is a risk of injury to this option.  

Cages and cleats are not just there to help with efficiency; they also help keep your feet on the pedals.  While riding in a class guided by an instructor, you will be going back and forth from seated spinning to standing sprinting.  

During these transitions and moments of maximum effort, there is a genuine risk of your foot slipping off the pedal and diving headfirst into your Peloton’s screen or handlebar.  That’s bound to set back your training program a little. 

Can You Swap The Peloton Pedals?

What if you’re a mountain biker who already owns SPD-type shoes, or if there is a toe cage you love that isn’t compatible with the Peloton pedal?  Can’t you just put different pedals on your bike?

Yes, you can, and the process is reasonably straightforward as well.  This is an excellent option for people who already own cycling shoes or cages that aren’t compatible and don’t want to spend even more money. 

However, there is a downside to this option.  Changing your pedals by yourself will void the 12-month warranty on Peloton’s pedals.  Meaning that if you break something or strip a crank arm’s thread in the process, you are on your own.  

Fortunately, there are several guides on how to change out the pedals and avoid damaging your bike.  

Here is a video showing you how to change your Peloton’s pedals: 


Peloton pedals are Delta cleat-type pedals that are not compatible with just any toe cage option on the market.  They are especially not compatible with most universal cages.  However, there are several compatible after-market options out there to choose from.  

Alternatively, you could get attachments that convert Peloton pedals into flat pedals, but keep in mind that you risk your feet slipping off and injuring yourself.  Otherwise, you always have the option to completely change the pedals if you are OK with voiding the warranty of the pedals.