How To Easily Take Off Stuck Peloton Cyclings Shoes and Fix the Problem

Using regular trainers on your Peloton is perfectly fine, but using the correct shoes can offer you more control when cycling. However, they do look a bit scary if you have not seen cycling shoes before. How do they work? Let’s find out. 

To remove your Peloton shoes, all you will need to do is to pull off the two Velcro straps on each shoe. Then you will push the plastic clip buckle to release the plastic strap that is tightening the shoes to your feet. To unclip your shoes from the bike, use an outward motion with your heel. 

We’ll discuss all there is to understand about how the Peloton shoes are fastened and how you can remove them from your feet. Don’t know how to unclip them from the bike? We’ll also discuss that in this article. 

How To Take Off Peloton Shoes

Peloton shoes are, in essence, cycling shoes, and if you have never seen or experienced cycling shoes, then they might seem intimidating to put on and take off. Not to mention actually clipping into and out of the bike.  

However, there is nothing too dramatic that you need to do in order to put them on or take them off. 

If you have not seen them, the Peloton shoes do not have shoelaces like ordinary trainers; instead, they have two Velcro straps and then a plastic strap held in place by a “ratchet clip” (if we have to give it a name).

To take off your Peloton shoes requires only that you pull the Velcro straps loose. Then for the plastic strap fastened with the buckle, you will notice that the “ratchet clip” has a button that you can press. This button will release the clip, and the buckle will rise (there will be a popping motion of the clip), essentially loosening the strap. 

Take note that this strap almost has a zip tie effect in which when you pull the strap through, there is no means by which it can be pulled out in the opposite direction. You will need to push the button on the clip to release the strap. 

Once you have loosened the Velcro straps, unclipped the buckle, pulled out the plastic strap, then you only need to slide off your shoes. 

Can’t Get Peloton Shoes To Unclip

Not being able to “unclip” your Peloton shoes is a tad ambiguous and can actually refer to two situations. The first is that you can’t seem to loosen the clip that holds the strap in place that is keeping your Peloton shoe tight on your foot. 

The second could be that you are unable to unclip your shoes from the bike. Rember that the Peloton shoes use Delta-compatible cleats, and they will be fastly secured to your bike when you ride. Let’s explain each of these scenarios. 

Check The Clip Of The Peloton Shoe

The plastic ratchet clip on your Peloton shoes holding the plastic strap in a “zip tie” like fashion should be easy to click into and out of place. There might be an instance where you have pulled the strap very tight, and pushing the clip free to loosen it could be difficult. This is normal. 

However, in cases where you push the clip (buckle), and there is no “popping” of it, then there might be something wrong with the clip itself. In this instance, you will need to decide for yourself if there is something faulty with the buckle (clip) or if perhaps you fastened it incorrectly. 

If there is something wrong with the clip, then you will need to return the shoes and get yourself another pair. 

Tension Screws Are Too Tight On Your Peloton Pedals

In cases where your Peloton shoes won’t unclip from the pedals, the more than likely (and most common) scenario is that you are not working through the correct procedure to unfasten your shoes from the bike. 

Another scenario could be that your tension screws on the underside of your pedals are too tight, and this is making the unclicking of the shoes from your bike very difficult. 

Take note that the first situation is more than likely, and you should know how to unclip your Peloton shoes from the bike before assuming that your tension screws are too tight. Peloton does not recommend that you loosen your tension screws at all, but we will explain how to do it if that seems to be the only option. 

On the underside of your pedal, you will see five tension screws. You will only need to loosen the tension screw that is associated with the pedal clip. This screw will be located on the front or back of the pedal (depending on which way you turned it). To loosen the tension screw, you will use a 3mm Allen key. 

Take note that the tension screws are not the screws located on the side of the pedal, and these should be left alone. 

How To Easily Unclip Peloton Shoes

Unclipping your Peloton shoes after your ride is easier than you think. However, there is a method to follow. This is because you don’t want to find yourself swinging around the bike trying to unclip your shoes. 

  • After your ride, stay seated on the bike
  • Rotate the leg (shoe) that you want to unclip to the 6 o’clock position (rotate your leg down)
  • Kick your heel (with that shoe) outward with moderate force 
  • You can expect to feel some resistance as you do this
  • Now rotate the leg that is still attached to the pedal downward, again, into the 6 o’clock position. 
  • At this point, stand up on your bike and swing your free leg over the bike onto the other side. Make sure you are holding onto the handlebars and the seat at this point
  • With one foot on the ground and the other on the pedal use the same outward heel motion to release your still secure shoe. 
  • You should now have successfully unclipped your Peloton shoes from your bike


We discovered that although it might look like a daunting task, removing your Peloton shoes is, in actual fact, pretty easy and, in some cases, could be said to be easier than tieing and untieing shoelaces. 

You will only need to pull the Velcro straps loose and push in the clip buckle to release the plastic strap. In cases where you don’t know how to unclip your shoes from the bike, just remember to use an outward heel motion to set your feet free.